Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Treasure Hunting & Little Boy Blue

It's been a few weeks since my last post, reason being we were away on vacation in Florida! Sounds lovely yes, but actually I'm never ever going to drive down again... especially with a crying 3 month old who had the flu on the looong drive back. My poor baby!!

Before everyone started getting sick, it was day 2 of driving home and we found this antique mall in Georgia just before reaching Tennessee. I'm obsessed with antiquing. How can you not be beyond excited to wander rooms and rooms full of old stuff that's come from all kinds of places and all kinds of time periods? There's a story behind each object and the feeling of mystery and nostalgia is overwhelmingly exciting!

I came across this section of toys from when I was a kid and it was like stepping back into my childhood...

Ummmmm amazing, right?!? And there was more!

This is the kind of stuff Planet Milkshake will be born out of!! So I grabbed a few treasures and felt sad that I had to leave the rest behind. I also came across some baby clothes and got Xander a vintage outfit (I call it the Little Boy Blue outfit)! Soo awesome. Here are my treasures:

Not sure which pony this is, do you know?

Bedtime Bear!

Sweet kitschy bunny

Vintage baby boy's outfit


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