Monday, 28 July 2014

Vintage Fruit Shorts

I've been working more on my photography lately so haven't been paying enough attention to the fashion aspect of things... but my goal is to get a good handful of items ready before I open up Planet Milkshake's shop for business officially. Here is an item that has been very successful in catching people's attention whenever Xander is wearing it out! The Vintage Fruit Shorts. For this design I took inspiration from fifties / sixties designs you might see on tablecloths or aprons, and gave the fruit some good old timey cartoon faces - creepy or cute you decide... the colours pop out more than the average vintage print would because I like to mix it up with the late eighties / early nineties look.

I took Xander to a program we're doing at an Ontario Early Years Centre and the girl running it saw the shorts and said "that reminds me of my childhood!!" I'm pretty excited because that's exactly what I was going for so it gives me encouragement that I may be headed in the right direction. 

Currently in the process of the next design, but why not let me know what you think, what are some things that remind you of your childhood that you might like to see in your baby's wardrobe? 

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