Wednesday, 5 March 2014

November Babies @ lil' bean n' green cafe & play

A couple of weeks ago Xander and I drove to Toronto to meet some of the ladies and babies from the November Babies! Facebook group. Visiting the city is a bit more stressful with a baby, I learned. I was so worried about getting lost and being late! Guess what happened? I got lost and was late... ha.

This place is called Lil' Bean N' Green. ( It's a cute and cozy environment where moms can come and chill with their babies and connect with other mamas! Stroller parking, great food and service, a sweet play area... I really wish I lived closer so I could take Xander there all the time!

I had a green tea latte and a chocolate zuccini muffin. Xander had milk. Speaking of which it was so great to be able to nurse out in the open and not feel weird about it. Really enjoyed meeting these ladies and their babies in person after all these months!  

(There's little Xander on the end far right, in his H&M jeans and cardigan & Baby Gap socks... he's usually much better dressed than I am these days..)

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